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Flippin' Dagnabit 2020 Special!

We have Limited Quantities remaining of the following four shirts - once they're gone, they will NEVER be printed again!
A collector's classic opportunity on this!

"Birdie / Girlie-T"

Show your yumminess with a couple of birdies
White, high-quality women's full-cut tank top.

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Shirt Size (women's sizes):  
"I'm Ded Bob, Bitch"

You can't be Ded Bob, but you can still cop his 'tude
Dark Blue shirt only, more or less as shown

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Shirt Size:  
"Fireman Bob"

Hell on earth or hell in hell, it's all the same to me
Red shirt only, more or less as shown

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Shirt Size:  
"Advice from Death"

Wanna be death? Be warned:
"The Pay is Great, but the Hours Suck."

Light Blue shirt only, more or less as shown

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Do ya feel lucky, chunk? Do ya?

If you're feeling lucky, have we got a deal for you - our display shirts are for sale! They may be dirty, they may have small holes or other minor damage, but boy howdy they're cheap! Send us $5 and we'll send you back... something!

Velma picks the shirt special!

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"Ded Bob for President"    -    Tshirts

  (The back of the shirt reads:)

Top 13 Reasons to vote for Ded Bob:

13. Comes Pre-Assassinated.
12. Every Bill presented by Congress must start with "Hey Merikins!"
11. 45 will be deported to Mexico then Guatemala,
and on down until he figures out why there are refugees.
10. Free Medical Marijuana.
09. Free list of believable symptoms to exhibit when applying for
Medical Marijuana.
08. End Pensions for Holding Public Office.
07. Beer Pong in the Olympics.
06. All female cabinet including the new Secretaries of Soccer and Consent.
05. Gut the Offense Budget and fund...EVERYTHING.
04. Putt Putt courses mandatory every three blocks.
03. Levy a 99% tax on the top 10% and give the money to Teachers and
02. Why vote for Ded Bob? Because kiss my boney ass, that's why!
and the #1 reason to vote for Ded Bob:
01. Cuz you been Bobmotized!

Who ya gonna vote for? Let everyone know you think all the
candidates suck, and you're going independant.

(Black Tshirt with artwork on front as shown - list of reasons appears on the back)

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We also gots stickers...!  

Ded Bob Vinyl Sticker - $4
(We think you know where you can stick it
- roughly 3" in diameter)
Ded Bob for President Bumper Sticker - $4
(roughly 10" x 3")

"Bob Face Hoodie"

Nuthin' keeps you cozier than a ded guy's face

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"Pirate Bob"

Keel-haul yer yardarm, and hoist the mizzen-mast...!

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"Dred Bob"

Jah mon, shove you colors down dem troats!

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Artwork by Scott "Axel the Sot" Hendricks

"Ded Bob Racing"

NASCAR fans, rejoice!
Now Available!

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"The Many Sayings of Ded Bob"

This is easily our tackiest design and hence, very popular.

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"I Been Bobmotized"
(The original Ded Bob T-shirt!)

Now you can get this on a HOODIE!
Perfect for fall festivals; classy but warm.
(white print on black, available in L, XL, and XXL)

Sold Out! - Check back soon!

...or, the same print on a fitted girlie T!
Also white print on a black shirt.
Limited Quantities Available!

(junior sizes / sizes run a little small)

Girlie T Size:  

...or the same classic Tshirt you've always loved,
white print on black, for just $25.

Shirt Size:  

Artwork by Todd "Flying Debris" Key

"The Many Moods of Ded Bob"

Bob sez, "Holding it in leads to constipation."
No true Bobmotite would be caught dead without this shirt.

Black print on ash grey shirt.

Shirt Size:  

Artwork by Scott "Axel the Sot" Hendricks

Baseball cap

Embroidery artwork (colors as shown) on a black adjustable hat
"www.dedbob.com" in small print on the back.
This relaxed fit all-cotton hat will turn heads.
Adjustable strap makes it fit like a...hat."

Ded Bob baseball cap: $30

Artwork by Todd "Flying Debris" Key

"DB Season II"

Front cover artwork Back cover artwork

The second in what could possibly be a long line of DVDs!
Ded Bob and Sluj - filmed in AZ, 2007
45 minutes of top-notch laughs for just $20 + shipping
(Cover art pretty much exactly as shown)

Ded Bob DVD, Season II from AZ, '07: $20

Pop-up special - for a limited time, DVD II is Buy one, get one free (gift a friend!)

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    And while you're here, do you know any of the bastards on our Wall of Shame?

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